Good Cheer Records


About Us

Blake Hickman and Mo Troper founded Good Cheer Records in late 2014 after meeting through the magic of radio. Our label is currently run by Owner/Manager Blake Hickman, Label Coordinator Carly Stevenson, and President/A&R Maya Stoner.

There are certain things we do differently than many other labels. We have an institutional commitment to charitable giving (either 5% of revenue or 20% of profits annually), community involvement (quarterly benefit shows and regular volunteer work), and artist-oriented business practices. Our bands are given half of each product run we manufacture upfront, free of charge. We don’t own masters or take part of their publishing. This label is dedicated to developing artists, and scene documentation.

We firmly believe that the artists we work with are part of a great lineage of Portland music history that goes back to when "DIY" was more than just a corporate buzzword. This sort of stuff might not matter much on Music Twitter where a band's shelf life might only last as long as their latest press campaign, but it means a great deal to us. We are more than just day traders of Indie Rock.

Blake Hickman