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GCF Favorites Vol 2: Gill's Picks (Sufer Rosie)

This is the latest installment in our ongoing series of Spotify playlists where artists and friends pick their favorite songs from our 3 year catalog.

Here's what Gill from Surfer Rosie had to say about her picks:

hello. my name is gill (jill). i play bass for surfer rosie, i am also in a band called cleaning playing the same instrument. i grew up in portland and portland DIY is my home! here is a playlist of some of my favorite Good Cheer Joints, i hope you enjoy! they are as follows:


babehoven - bathtub


wow, babehoven is my favorite band right now! this song is nuts, that vocal inflection in the second verse?!?! unreal! i’m lucky enough to also get to play in a band with elias (drums) and the musicianship and kindness and creativity of this project and all its members amaze me. they’re gonna be HUGE ugh i’m so excited for it!


floating room - friend

when surfer rosie went on tour with floaty this was always the song in their set that stood out to me. it’s such an intense and emotional song like lyric wise and maya is so incredible at matching that with her singing. this whole album is bonkers but hearing this song live might have changed my life, idk! floating room is definitely our sister band and we’re so lucky for that. 

cool american - maui’s

i feel like a dork but i put this on a lot of my playlists? this song rips!!! this band rips! i love nathan’s voice, i love those dueling guitars! portland has this weird growing subgroup of shredders (lookin at you husky boys) and i am HERE FOR IT!

boreen - working out

every time i’ve played a show with boreen they seem to always pick this to sound check with and that has caused it to be stuck in my head for the past two years which i’m completely fine with! it also just rips and i’m a sucker for harmonies. in addition to that, i wanna give a shoutout to boreen for being one of the sweetest group of kids in pdx. 

chain - colder

we’ve all been waiting for a chain record forever, don’t even try to lie! i’m not your baby but i wish chain was mine!!!!!!

gillian frances - gold

when i was playing bass for gilly this was usually the song we ended with and it was so gosh darn beautiful. gilly is one of the best songwriters in portland and i feel so grateful to call her such a close friend!

turtlenecked - the whip

this! rips! wtf. THE whip THE whip? amazing. i would give this song a 9.2 if i worked for pitchfork. 

your rival - border patrol

okay, this is kind of a controversial choice for this playlist. i was gonna put a straight up mo troper classic on here (probably “paint”), but, growing up in portland this was my real intro to mo and intro to going to shows in general when i was in high school. i guess i grew up listening to mo, weird. 

wilt/being awone - scurried

this record is so good and honestly just needs to be listened to as a whole album, but this song stands on its own too!

vari vice - teeth

vari vice is such a supergroup, and both vocalists melt together perfectly. dan’s voice really helps to define portland diy. 

babehoven - out of this country

yeah i put two babehoven songs on here! sue me!

mayhaw hoons - the swinger

i’m pretty new to mayhaw, but dang this is a jam!

floating room - dead weight

my first favorite floaty song, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. i love you floaty room. 

little star - being close

it was really hard to pick just one little star song but this is definitely my favorite of all time. surfer rosie just covered this for a show and now i just want to do a full album of LS covers. 

surfer rosie - resting

ah yes, my favorite song on this EP. our working title and still what we write on the set list for resting is “alex g” because, well, it’s 2018. 

i hope you enjoyed my mix!

xoxo gill b

Blake Hickman